Discover Your Own Fairy Tale 

A New EverAfter wants to help you uncover the magic of your own story through an evening of enchantment. Gather together your most cherished friends and allow the mystery of the Tarot to show you how to create your own fairy tale. 

A New EverAfter joins you in your Northeast Ohio home for a charming evening of parlour divination. Amidst the clink of chintz tea cups, watch the vision of your story unfold and discover all the wonder that will be.

The Party

  • Experience approximately three hours of beauty and enchantment
  • Gather up to ten of your most cherished friends
  • Come to know the magic of your own story and what the Cosmos has in store for you
  • Connect around A New EverAfter's signature blends of loose-leaf tea and finger cakes
  • Be introduced to EverAfter's unique touch of fairy-tale mysticism through private Tarot & Trinket readings 

The Participants

  • Receive a 20-minute private Tarot & Trinket reading
  • Have the opportunity to mystically explore relationships, finances, career, spiritual growth, insights, resolutions, and more...
  • Receive a gift bag with: 
    • a discount code for 20% off their next reading
    • a special invitation into EverAfter's community membership
    • trinkets & treasures to cherish your evening of wonder

Host Option


Give the Gift of Enchantment

  • Host assumes full payment for the evening
  • Host receives free 20-minute reading
  • Invite nine guests 
  • Each participant receives 20-minute private reading
  • Includes EverAfter's signature tea blends and finger cakes
  • All participants receive a gift bag from A New EverAfter
Enchant Us

Individual Participants


Most Popular

Only choose this option when you have an existing host

  • Each participant addresses their own payment
  • Price includes:
    • the Parlour Divination Party
    • an offering of EverAfter's signature tea blends and finger cakes
    • a 20-minute private Tarot & Trinket reading
  • Receive a gift bag from A New EverAfter
Enchant Me

Host Option with Learning Opportunity


Give the Gift of Enchantment and Learn about the Intricacies of the Tarot

  • Host assumes full payment for the evening
  • Includes everything from the Host Option 
    • Plus, a 30-minute intro to the Tarot offered to all participants (lengthening the event)
Enchant Us Further

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