What Wisdom Does Your Story Have to Offer You?

God shows up disguised as your lives” ~Paula Darcy

A New EverAfter offers loving guidance for all that emerges from within your story

I offer compassionate companionship in returning to yourself and reclaiming your rightful place within the cosmic narrative within any area of your life
Specializing In:


Compassionate Parenting


Young Adulthood

Intentional Living

Stress-Related Issues

Creative Arts

Jungian-Influenced Depth Work

Post Traumatic Growth, Anti-Fragility & Resiliency

Nature-Based Spirituality

Grief & Loss

Spiritual Emergency

Spiritual Care for Empaths & Healers

Spiritual Direction for Couples

Co-Dependency, Recovery & Renewal

Self-Discovery, Self-Belonging & Self-Compassion

Inner Healing for Past Wounds and Hurts

Non-Traditional Healing

Energy Work & Reiki

Developing a Personal Theology 

Mindfulness & Meditation

Spiritual Practice & Divination

Discovering Purpose & Calling

The Transition of Midlife

Existential Crisis

Developing Divine Intimacy

Emotional Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

Values Clarification, Decision-Making & Discernment

Compassionate Activism & Restorative Justice

Group Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Development Theory & Education 

The Intersection of Science and Spirituality

Disorientation, “Stuck-ness”  & Disenchantment

Contemplative Traditions

Unexpected Transcendent Experiences 

The Enneagram

Lack of Fulfillment

Psychic Phenomenon 


Peaceful Conflict Resolution 

Spiritual Direction for Teens

Mystical Encounters

Women’s Issues

Intuitive & Psychic Development

Transitions & Thresholds

Spiritual Growth

Sexuality & Relationships

Healing from Your Religious Past

Spiritual Direction is a professional model for offering guidance with roots in a variety of spiritual and cultural traditions. It resembles traditional counseling but with an emphasis on your more soulful aspects.

Within Intuitive Spiritual Direction specifically, we watch for the movement of the Divine through an abiding link to the world of Spirit. This connection provides the ability to focus, take in insights, analyze meaning and draw conclusions from any available information drawn from the Unseen.

Each private session of Intuitive Spiritual Direction is centered on meaning-making, belonging, connection, and the search for wholeness. It provides an accepting space for you to process your joys, fears, desires, and struggles. My role is to invite honest, straight-forward, clarifying questions and to make empowering requests.

Intuitive Spiritual Direction is a collaborative process where you can explore your story, closely examine your feelings, discover insights, and increase your self-awareness.

I offer a compassionate, trauma-informed, narrative-based approach supported by play, Jungian thought, dreamwork, energy medicine, consciousness studies, and the creative arts to assist your spiritual discovery and the recovery from life’s challenges.

Experiences of Life

Receive companionship and guidance for living an illumined life

Transitions & Thresholds

Receive comfort and support through all of life's transitions

Experiences of Death

Find direction and care for you or your loved ones at end-of-life

A New EverAfter celebrates ethnic and religious diversity and is a friend to the LGBTQIA+ community

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