What Story Do You Need to Tell?

A New EverAfter's narrative-based approach to Spiritual Direction allows you to find your voice and then use it to become the author of your own life

I offer compassionate companionship in returning to yourself and reclaiming your place within the cosmic story
Specializing In:



Young Adulthood

Jungian-Influenced Depth Work

Grief & Loss

Spiritual Emergency

Spiritual Care for Healers & Mediums

Women’s Issues

Recovery & Renewal



Retreat Facilitation

Creative Arts

Group Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Development Theory and Education 


Psychic Phenomenon 


Spiritual Direction for Teens

Mystical Encounters

Intuitive Development

Transitions & Thresholds

Spiritual Growth

Sexuality & Relationships

Healing from Your Religious Past

Spiritual Direction is a professional model for offering guidance with roots in a variety of spiritual and cultural traditions. It resembles traditional counseling but with an emphasis on your soulful aspects.

Each session is centered on meaning-making, belonging, connection, and the search for wholeness.
My role is to invite honest, straight-forward, clarifying questions and to make empowering requests. This approach balances the intelligences offered by groundedness, open-heartedness, and a clear mind.

Experiences of Life

Receive companionship and guidance for living an illumined life

Transitions & Thresholds

Receive comfort and support through all of life's transitions

Experiences of Loss

Find direction and care for you or your loved ones at end-of-life

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