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The Study is a reflective virtual space where Spiritual Seekers examine and integrate all that they have gathered along The Path of Discovery. Through the on-going conversation of contemplative discovery and exclusive access to an ever-expanding content library, Seekers develop into Wise Storytellers who maintain a resilient confidence in conquering life's storms through a renewed and strengthened personal faith.

The Study is the summit of the enlightening journey taken along the Path of Discovery. It provides deeper examination and integration of your individual story through private sessions and contemplative content. Each element contained within The Study is centered on personal development, spiritual exploration, and the search for meaning. 

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What Story Are You Living?

What Story Do You Want To Tell?

A New EverAfter helps you to find purpose, meaning, and peace of mind through an accepting, non-judgmental listening space where the hidden parts of your soul may be gently acknowledged as you also uncover your unique relationship to All That Is.

Find the support and counsel you need within all aspects of life

 As a Spiritual Director and Inspirational Medium, I support the inner work that leads you to greater meaning, self-awareness, insight, and healing. Through private short-term care, I take on the role of a loving witness, creating a space for you to examine the mysteries and intricacies of your life. 

Specializing In:



Depth Work

Grief & Loss

Spiritual Emergence

Spiritual Care for Healers

Recovery & Renewal


Spiritual Direction for Teens

Intuitive Development

Transitions & Thresholds

Mindful Parenting

Life Purpose

Spiritual Growth

Sexuality & Relationships

Healing from Your Religious Past

Experiences of Life

Receive companionship and guidance for living an illumined life


Transitions & Thresholds

Receive comfort and support through all of life's transitions


Experiences of Loss

Find direction and care for you or your loved ones at end-of-life


“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal”

2 Corinthians 4:18

Your journey begins with a free 20-minute Discovery Call. 

During this time, we will talk about your life, relationships, and what is important to you. We will explore the current space you hold for your spiritual journey and the expectations for receiving care.

A New EverAfter is a wise and loving investment in yourself.

With guidance, you can find your own answers as the process within A New EverAfter's short-term private sessions simultaneously expand and affirm your life experience.

• • • • •

You will find a comforting space to feel vulnerable and learn to listen for - and speak to - your own truth with love, dwell in the present moment and let go of mortal misconceptions.

Should we both agree that sessions should continue into long-term care, you will be offered the choice of one of the three tiers of engagement from within The Study.

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Receive compassionate accompaniment along your journey

Private Sessions with A New EverAfter open you up to the "why" at the center of your feelings and passions - the “why” of things in your life - and speaks to what is contained within your yearning

Your new everafter awaits

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Receive comfort, support, and guidance within all aspects of life

Using transformational listening, meditation, journal prompts, Jungian depth work, storytelling, the enneagram's wisdom, sand tray, energy and breath work, artistic expressions, pathways to the unconscious, and more, I provide a multi-faceted approach in a gentle atmosphere. Within this space, you are free to examine how you respond to Transformative Grace and determine how you want to be responding.

• • • • •

As a Spiritual Director & Inspirational Medium, I accompany you as you seek purpose and meaning in life. Spiritual Direction and Depth Coaching resemble traditional counseling - with more emphasis on the soulful aspects of who you are. Whatever your need, I help guide you toward greater peace, meaning, and the recognition of your place within All That Is.

Spiritual Emergence

$117.00 USD
Healing From Your Religious Past

$117.00 USD
Experiences of Life

$117.00 USD

Grief support

$117.00 USD
Spiritual Direction for Teens

$117.00 USD
Depth Perspective Coaching

$1,337.00 USD
Depth Perspective Coaching

3 payments of $457
Depth Perspective Coaching

6 payments of $237

“Every man's life is a fairy tale written by god's fingers”

-Hans Christian Andersen