What is the Path of Discovery?

The Path of Discovery is a collection of tools designed to direct and inform your desire for a meaningful life

Carefully crafted as a compendium of self-reflection resources, The Path of Discovery offers you immersive, individualized guidance for intentional living

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Despite the name of this collection of resources, there is no one path to take toward living intentionally. Each of us must explore our own beliefs and values along the way. 

The Path of Discovery helps you do just that by providing a compilation of materials for your unique search for meaning and purpose. Along The Path of Discovery, you will explore topical areas of study that encourage reflection and self-understanding.

The Path of Discovery consists of:

Online Programs|Courses

Community Forums

Self-Directed Study

Live, Local Programs

Group Spiritual Direction


Develop a New Mindset

The Path of Discovery offers the tools that help you overcome life's difficulties and learn to live from your intrinsic values. A comprehensive curricula supports the development of a new understanding and empowers you to transcend your baser nature as you shift into fuller awareness.

Participate More Fully in Life

Work with the archetypal patterns, inner figures and universal symbols encountered along the Path of Discovery. A Jungian approach to Tarot, Astrology and other pathways to the unconscious encourage self-acceptance and help you to align with the life that is truly meant for you.

Take Life in a New Direction

Courageously look to the future in the face of disappointment. Intentional development of strength and resiliency helps you to reconnect to what is possible. You will find that as you walk along the Path of Discovery, the things you want to accomplish finally come to life.

"Every man's life is a fairy tale written by god's fingers."

-Hans Christen Andersen

Each of us has the power to be the Storyteller of our own life. The Path of Discovery's exercises, practices, programs, and direct links to the world of Spirit provide you with invaluable opportunities to meaningfully engage your story and to see your life through an entirely new lens.

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  activate inner motivations to surmount difficulties

expand the perspective of your story 

 develop a new understanding of what is possible

 make conscious decisions about how you want your story to unfold

 connect to the wonder of spiritual discovery by pulling back the veil to the unseen


What Fellow Travelers along the Path of Discovery are saying:

"My work with Bethany is the guidance I have been hungry for my whole life. She is compassionate, wise, and present. I don’t think I have ever worked with a counselor or therapist who was able to enter the heart of my thoughts as quickly as Bethany. She is comfortable and comforting in the midst of the mucky, deep messiness of life. I consider her a guide who helps shine a light on the questions I need to explore, the emotions I need to feel, and the discoveries I need to process in my ever-evolving relationship with myself. Bethany has a unique, true gift for companionship and guides with an open heart and wise mind."

- Mary Katherine


Walking the Path of Discovery


Creative & Compelling Tools

A comprehensive curricula allows for personal choice and freedom of movement within a well-developed structure. Each element of the Path of Discovery is designed to entertain, enrich, and equip. Everything you encounter leads you further toward an illumined life. 

Orientation & Guidance

The entirety of the Path of Discovery is presented with a clear map and virtual compass for ease of navigation. It is informed by research-based, proven models for personal & spiritual development and guided by an academically-trained professional.

Integration & Action

Each element of the Path of Discovery is designed to be experienced individually yet, in time, brought together into a larger whole. As you learn to live from your own authenticity & integrity, the mundane turns into exciting possibility. 

Capture a collection of wonders

Do you learn best independently?

A New EverAfter’s Field Guides are the best choice for you

Along the Path of Discovery, you are offered 15 different Field Guides containing key concepts that move you forward toward intentional living. This collection of self-directed study guides allows you to walk the Path at your pace. As you navigate your personal search for meaning, the Field Guides collect what is most noteworthy to your experience in order to truly make your search your own.

Compile your Field Guides

Create a treasury of personal insights

Using story and symbol to clearly communicate and illuminate abstract concepts, A New EverAfter's Field Guides further illuminate your story's unique unfolding. These micro-programs can be purchased at any time and are yours to keep indefinitely. Fifteen topical Field Guides inspire you toward true authenticity and directly connect you with your ever-evolving sense of Self. EverAfter's Field Guides capture the wisdom you gain from your experience along the Path of Discovery and help you to consciously create your own story.

Compile your Field Guides

Experience the Vibrancy of Live Program|Events

Do you learn best while joining with others?

The Path of Discovery holds a community-driven vision committed to bringing people together to learn and grow in wisdom. Many enriching workshops, events, and discussion groups — both online and in-person — invite persons of all ages and stages to engage in the timeless practice of shared storytelling. 

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Whichever Method You Choose, the Path is Uniquely Yours

The Path of Discovery offers you a ready-made experience that allows you to retell the story of your past and present and thereby change how your story will unfold in the future. It is by truly understanding the depths of your own story that you might live intentionally.

The Path of Discovery's comprehensive system consists of individual offerings on distinct topics. You are able to walk The Path of Discovery on your own time and choose whether you want to take this journey alone or in a group. 

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Self-study opportunities like the Field Guides are offered alongside programs that support EverAfter's community-driven vision. Each offering is a different facet of the collection. Choose only what interests you, or engage with the entire collection, as you walk toward a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

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You may choose to step onto The Path of Discovery immediately by compiling individual Field Guides, taking a self-study course, reading an ebook, or by joining the EverAfter community through The “Every Intention” Membership Program.

Wherever your feet may fall, your life is made more vibrant and you may move more fully into a life of deeper meaning and fulfilling connection.

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