On How I Came to Hear the Story of My Soul

I have spent much of my life fighting myself.

For as far back as I can remember, I held the unconscious belief that I was inherently defective. I believed that I was too shy, too different, too emotional.

Honestly, there were just a whole lot of “Toos” leading to a whole lot of feeling intrinsically broken. This misunderstanding of myself influenced all of my choices, actions and relationships.

During this time of disorientation, I never suspected that connecting to my innate spirituality would not only orient me, but offer my most fulfilling chapters.

Yet that is exactly what happened.

I was introduced to the model of Spiritual Direction during my time as a religious professional. I went into the work seeking solace for debilitating burnout brought on by years of congregational leadership. What happened instead was a complete interior transformation forged by the process of Spiritual Direction.

After years of misunderstanding the nature of my own being, I now felt understood, mirrored and valued by my Spiritual Director.

Being understood by another allowed me to understand myself—my thought patterns, feelings, fears and motivations.

My true desires.

I began to walk a listening path, at once hearing the whispers of my Essence. I developed new eyes to see and an elevated perspective that allowed me to view myself and the world around me in entirely new ways.

I was finding my own New EverAfter.

In time, I came to see myself as the precious and beloved child of the cosmos that I truly am. Believing that I was defective was an illusion perpetrated by a lifetime of false conditioning and an under-developed sense of my spiritual Self. But by listening for - and directly experiencing - a Divine Presence born from my new understanding, I was finally able to live contentedly and connectedly.

Spiritual Direction was so significant in my life that I chose to leave my career as a religious professional and focus exclusively on offering others the opportunity to experience what I had come to know within Spiritual Direction.

Becoming a Spiritual Director also gave me a way to serve from my Intuitive Gifts. I had been a student of the Tarot since the young age of 15, and, as a formally-trained Evidential Medium, I had already been connecting people with their loved ones on the other side. I recognized that I could use my service in Spiritual Direction and my Intuitive Gifts to orient Spiritual Seekers toward illuminating what impeded their alignment with Self.

By blending the wisdom found within Spiritual Direction with the wonder discovered from within the Intuitive Arts, I could now help people learn to live their daily challenges from Love.


I know that the true nature of Spiritual Direction can be difficult to understand. Most people either haven't heard of it or are confused by its abstraction. 

(I know that I certainly didn’t get it at first!)

But there is something that happens within Spiritual Direction that you can’t find anywhere else.

It simply has to be experienced.

...because it is too profound to be described.

Spiritual Direction is like having someone all in with you on your life’s journey.

I truly believe that everyone needs a Spiritual Director because everyone needs someone who holds space - someone who listens deeply, who sees you for who you really are, and who brings their wisdom and experience to reflect on your spiritual and psychological journey.

In all of life’s beauty and brutality, a Spiritual Director provides you with someone who lovingly offers you the space to explore whatever it is that is important to you in that moment.

Spiritual Direction also challenges you. We take note of times when you got lost in the story, or sold yourself short, or believed in someone else’s version of the narrative. ...And we bring compassion to all of that.

A Spiritual Director is not a guru but someone who has done their own work and is familiar with the landscape of spiritual experience. 

But mostly, having a Spiritual Director is like having a witness to your own beautiful, fascinating, transcendent humanness.

My training as a Spiritual Director actually began long before I was ever certified as such. In my younger years, I majored in religious studies and creative writing at Hiram College, OH with the hopes of becoming a spiritual writer. Following the flow of my life‘s course, I would instead go on to study Spiritual Formation (a discipline that focuses on aiding others in the maturation of their faith) and become installed in the Unitarian Universalist religious tradition. For the majority of my career, I would serve as a Director of Lifespan Faith Development within two Unitarian Universalist congregations.

After 15 years of congregational ministry, I shifted my focus toward end-of-life care in death midwifery and home funeral education, advocacy and practice. I served as a burial steward within conservation ( ie “green” or “natural”) burial before eventually settling into my Intuitive Spiritual Direction private practice.

My formal training in the intuitive arts was developed in parallel to my career in spiritual growth. I studied mediumship under the world-renowned evidential medium Mavis Patilla as well as other inspirational mediums like Lindsay Marino and Ann Van Orsdel. Even though I am certified as an Evidential Medium, I am a Spiritual Director first.

The basic concern with Spiritual Direction is not the external but with the inner and sacred life. It is a purposeful, not aimless, exploration of whatever chapter you are on in your life's story. 

Spiritual Direction is a place to ask questions, receive guidance, and helps you find your way. 

As Rev. Seifu Anil Singh-Molares once wrote, a Spiritual Director is "a psychologist for the soul". As your Spiritual Director, I am someone with whom you can share your experiences of the Divine, and of wonder, fear, emptiness, and joy. 

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