I, too, was once looking for my new EverAfter

I have spent much of my life fighting myself.

For as far back as I can remember, I held the belief that I was inherently defective. Too shy, Too different, Too intense.

Honestly, there were just a whole lot of “Toos” leading to a whole lot of feeling intrinsically broken.

I never suspected that connecting to my innate spirituality would not only orient me, but offer my most fulfilling chapters.

Yet that is exactly what happened.

Something transformative happened within the space created for me inside Spiritual Direction.

I felt understood, mirrored and valued by my Spiritual Director.

More importantly, I began to understand myself—my thought patterns and motivations.

My true desires.

In time, I came to see myself as the precious and beloved child of the cosmos that I truly am.

Spiritual Direction was so significant in my life that I chose to leave my congregational service as a religious professional and focus exclusively on offering others the opportunity to experience what I had within Spiritual Direction.

Becoming a Spiritual Director also gave me a way to serve from my Intuitive Gifts. As a formally-trained Evidential Medium, I had already been connecting people with their loved ones on the other side. I recognized that I could use my service in Spiritual Direction and my Intuitive Gifts to orient Spiritual Seekers toward illuminating what impeded their alignment with Self.

I could help people learn to live their daily challenges from Love.


I know that Spiritual Direction is difficult to understand. Most people either haven't heard of it or are confused by its abstraction. 

(I know that I certainly didn’t get it at first!)

But there is something that happens in Spiritual Direction that you can’t find anywhere else.

It simply has to be experienced.

...because it is too profound to be described.

Spiritual Direction is like having someone all in with you on your life’s journey.

In all of life’s beauty and brutality, you have someone who lovingly offers you the space to explore whatever it is that is important to you in that moment.

Spiritual Direction also challenges you. We take note of times when you got lost in the story, or sold yourself short, or believed in someone else’s version of the narrative. ...And we bring compassion to all of that.

But mostly, having a Spiritual Director is like having a witness to your own beautiful, fascinating, transcendent humanness.

Your own story’s unfolding.

Spiritual Direction renews your spirit and restores you to wholeness.

Through Love.

For those seeking to find their own place of belonging, I am here to invite you to contemplate that there is nothing missing, you already belong, and your task is simply one of rediscovering who the Divine made you to be. This is indeed a process—one that must be experienced, not taught.

It is my desire to walk alongside you in that process. This process is your new EverAfter, where you are discovering what it means to be joyful, fulfilled, and connected.

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