Wisdom Begins in Wonder

Gain personal insight through symbology, tarotology, and the world's wisdom traditions

Intuitive Readings offered on a 

Multi-dimensional platform

Tarot & Trinket Readings from A New EverAfter use a broad set of tools to aid practical application and spiritual insight. Each reading is rooted in Jungian thought and always maintains an objective of personal growth.

These full-scope readings are considered to be just one of a myriad of pathways to the unconscious. These pathways increase your conscious awareness in order for you to become more fully connected to yourself, others, and All That Is. The pathway of my Tarot & Trinket Reading includes the video-recorded reading itself, plus the opportunity for a 50-minute in-depth conversation for spiritual exploration. 

"My Tarot & Trinket reading with Bethany was so insightful and absolutely amazing. I appreciate the different tools she uses - from the Jungian backdrop to the collection of charms. Most impressive is Bethany's vast knowledge. The reading has given me encouragement, focus, and clear understanding as to my own fulfillment in life."

-Michelle Ahmed


This full scope reading focuses exclusively on your unique purpose and calling.



This full scope reading examines one’s perceptions in order to judge well.



This full scope reading strictly focuses on restoring “at-one-ment”.


Open Question

This full scope reading invites whatever topic that may be on your heart.


Your new everafter awaits

My twenty+ years of experience in the practice of spiritual formation invites you to claim your space within the Living Waters.

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