Looking For God? Look Lower

essay Nov 03, 2021

This essay was published in Braided Way Magazine: Faces and Voices of Spiritual Practice in October of 2018

I’ve encountered so many people who desperately want to lead spiritually fulfilling lives who have no idea how. People often seek out my work in an attempt to try and understand how to create a sense of ease and serenity within their lives. They have tried fad diets, spiritual trends, meditation podcasts, and religion-hopping, all to no avail. They desperately believe that spirituality will be the key to discovering the peace for which they long. They are not wrong. Yet, despite their best efforts, spiritual vibrancy seems to remain elusive.

The problem is they are reaching too high for God.

I spent my entire early adulthood ensconced in religious life. I was either preparing to be a religious professional or I was one. I loved church. Worship music moved me until I cried big-fat-silent tears of reverence, and religious education exhilarated me. Throughout those...

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