Welcome to a life of connection & fulfillment

Welcome to your new everafter

In challenging times it can be hard to believe that life might offer you fulfillment. The ever-increasing chaos of our modern world makes it difficult to catch your breath, find balance, and reconnect to the wisdom within.

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A New EverAfter meets you in your striving and helps you consciously create the next chapter of your life.

My name is Bethany Ward and I walk with you on a journey that helps you gain broader understanding, reclaim the discarded parts of yourself, and awakens you to your unique essence. A New EverAfter is the complete expression of this work.

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Within A New EverAfter, you are provided with the space you need to nurture yourself and compassionately tend to the unfolding of your own story. 

Through the transformative power of depth work blended with the wonder of spiritual discovery, I gently guide you toward lasting change and true fulfillment

Guiding You Along the Path to Wholeness

A New EverAfter integrates depth work and spiritual discovery for healing & expansion and helps you to find your place within the cosmic story


Walking Alongside You

The life you planned for yourself may not be the life you now face. A New EverAfter helps you re-examine and reframe your story as it gently guides you toward true and lasting transformation.

Step forward

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There are many reasons to seek your new everafter. You may desire to better understand life and your role in it; you could be on a search for purpose, meaning, and direction; or a sudden recognition of loss and a lack of fulfillment could drive you. Often times pain and emotional upheaval will bring one to a crossroads. While at other times, a transcendent experience must be unpacked and understood. As a Depth Coach, Jungian Spiritual Director, and Inspirational Medium, I support the inner work that leads you to greater meaning, self-awareness, and insight.

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I lovingly accompany you as you begin to uncover the heart and feelings of any issue with which you have been presented. My work is based on the theories of Carl Jung and emphasizes the use of the symbols and stories that aid in accessing the inner self and its innate wisdom. This approach provides you with a unique journey of discovery that draws forward your own wisdom, knowledge and meaning

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Wherever you are on your journey, you are encouraged to engage with the art and practice of one-on-one Spiritual Direction, receive insight along The Path of Discovery, reconnect to your passed loved ones, find your place within the cosmic story, and to directly experience the numerous benefits of inspired living.


He who looks outside dreams.

He who looks inside awakens.  

- Carl Jung


Return Home to All of Who You Are

You were never meant to take this journey alone. A New EverAfter walks alongside you with each step of your story's unfolding. Trained counsel, heartfelt compassion, and gentle encouragement are available to you with every step you take on the Path to Wholeness. A New EverAfter walks you home to your own sense of peace, meaning and fulfillment and helps you find your rightful place within the cosmic story.

Restore Wonder

Be inspired through the wonder of spiritual discovery. Intuitive and Mediumistic readings expand your perspective and allow you to envelop these insights with your own spiritual exploration.

Schedule a Private Reading

Renew Spirit

Come into a fuller awareness of All That Is. Discover how to embrace life fully and to develop Divine Intimacy through an exploration of the world's contemplative traditions.

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Reclaim Your Story

Gain the tools you need to live an inspired life while learning how to overcome the obstacles created by your past and build resilience for the journey. Study alone or with others along the Path of Discovery.

Walk the Path to Wisdom

And the world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles,
no matter how long,
but only by a spiritual journey,
a journey of one inch,
very arduous and humbling and joyful,
by which we arrive at the ground at our feet,
and learn to be at home.

- Wendell Berry

A New EverAfter expands the perspective of your own story and helps you embrace the life which you have been given. 

While on the Path to Wholeness, you are encouraged to move away from any insincere and short-lived pretenses you may have previously encountered. This is a path of the deep transformative work that will allow you to consciously create your life. It invites you to step onto the road to wisdom that will lead you through to the wonder of spiritual discovery and helps to restore trust within yourself and All That Is. This restoration of trust will ultimately satisfy what is truly meant for you. 

Meet the voice within A New EverAfter

My name is Bethany Ward and I have lived most of my life with a philosophic mind trying to understand a mystic heart.

• • • • 

Being raised in a religiously fundamental household compelled me to study the architecture and purpose of thought and religion within the human condition. While immersed in Philosophy and Religious Studies at Hiram College, a new curiosity emerged for me. This wondering asked, "how does a person actually grow closer to God?".

• • • • 

I held this question as I served two Unitarian Universalist congregations as a Director of Spiritual Formation and later as I continued on toward my certifications in Depth Coaching and in Spiritual Direction...and began to weigh it within the alternative death care movement as a Conservation Burial Steward.  

• • • • 

Each aspect of my personal and professional life has drawn me closer to my own answers for how to remain in the flow of divine inspiration. A New EverAfter was born of that search. Through the universal language of story, the wisdom of the world's greatest thinkers, and a touch of fairy-tale mysticism, EverAfter provides the necessary nurturing for the vitality and vibrancy that brings Spirit home.



My Statement of Faith

Find hope renewed as you step off the circular road that has kept you fragmented and disoriented and onto the path that expands your Being and encourages you to rewrite your story from the point of view of your own authentic spirituality.

Each of us holds hope for our own lives’ unfolding. Yet we often encounter trials that instead leave us feeling disappointed and disillusioned. So many of us have encountered trauma, tragedy, and utter bewilderment and found ourselves saying, “it wasn’t supposed to be like this”.

A New EverAfter believes that we might restore our sense of hope by engaging in discovery and wonder, all the while remaining willing to follow the path toward true wisdom.

A New EverAfter does not promise a future that is nothing but bright nor made entirely of “happily”. However, it does know that trust in the process offers a true and lasting peace that can only come with engaging your spiritual nature.

Your spiritual nature may come to be understood through the intentional exploration of your own sacred story.

My desire is to help you enrich, reframe, and celebrate that narrative. No matter how you choose to explore your story within the varied services of A New EverAfter, together we will examine a new type of EverAfter, one that exalts the process and not the destination.

This EverAfter is not about a perception of a happy ending but about redefining your present and rediscovering who you truly are; mindfully, holistically, and practically.  

A New EverAfter weaves together many healing modalities and approaches to personal and spiritual exploration in order to assist you in the development of your own path toward wisdom. However, I believe that one of the most important entry points into that process is awe and wonder.

When we invite curiosity into our lives, we open ourselves up to broader possibilities and an increase our capacity for transformation. A New EverAfter blends the joy and discovery of wonder with the practical, grounded application of walking the path toward wisdom.

The entirety of my work consists of:


Community Forums

Self-Directed Study

Spiritual Discovery

End-of-Life Care

Celebrancy Services

Live Programs

Mediumship Readings

Intuitive Readings

Group Spiritual Direction

Group Coaching

Grief Support

Mediumship Mentorship

Private Sessions of Jungian Spiritual Direction &/or Depth Coaching

The Path of Discovery will navigate you to each offering.

The Path to Wholeness is comprised of the The Path of Discovery and The Study. 

The Path of Discovery has all the tools you need to more fully explore each chapter of your life, uncover more of who you are, and find your place within the cosmic story. 

The Study is the summit of the enlightening journey taken along The Path of Discovery. It provides deeper examination and integration of your individual story through private session and contemplative content. Each element contained within The Study is centered on personal development, spiritual exploration, and the search for meaning. 

The Study is opened for enrollment just 3 times per years while The Path of Discovery can be undertaken at any point in time. 

The entirety of these offerings make up The Path to Wholeness. I walk with you through every element A New EverAfter has to offer.

You may participate in all of what A New EverAfter offers - or just a few elements.

There is a collection of tools for self-reflection along The Path of Discovery.

You can receive short or long-term Spiritual Direction via Private Session or by entering into The Study. 

To truly explore whether A New EverAfter is right for you, your next step is to schedule a free 20-minute Discovery Call. During this conversation, I will listen to your needs and desires for your life. Together, we will assess whether you are best served by the educational and experiential opportunities offered along the Path of Discovery or to enter into the ongoing relationship of Spiritual Direction through  The Study.

A New EverAfter stands at the intersection of wisdom and wonder. I employ the dynamics of the Enneagram in order to help you explore your own motivations, innate gifts, patterns of behavior, and unique stumbling blocks.

The wisdom of the enneagram is then contained within a psycho-spiritual framework built from Jungian psychology, philosophy, spiritual formation theory, religious studies, the new sciences, and consciousness studies. Similarly, I engage the inner self through pathways to the unconscious and the wonder of spiritual discovery. 

These blended elements help to increase self-awareness, develop multiple intelligences, connect to the body's innate wisdom, and increases your capacity for presence and a true sense of alignment.

I employ the healing practice of therapeutic listening while remaining committed and invested in your personal growth. I invite your highest standards, highlight your blind spots, amplify your gifts, and walk directly beside you through all that life presents to you. 

As an Inspirational Medium, I draw from Spirit's guidance to awaken your passion, creativity, vision, dreams, and your own unique creative spark. I also help you reconnect to your passed loved ones through the provision of direct evidence of their continued presence. 

Spiritual Direction is a professional model for offering spiritual guidance with roots in a variety of spiritual and cultural traditions. It can also be referred to as Spiritual Companionship.

Its emphasis is on meaning-making, belonging, connection, and the search for wholeness. 

My role is to invite honest, straightforward, clarifying questions and to make empowering requests. This approach balances the intelligence offered by groundedness, open heartedness and a clear mind.

Through transformational listening, you are welcomed into your deepest knowing. As a Spiritual Director, I help you to notice who you uniquely are and guide you toward your place within the cosmic story. Learn more...

The immaterial is an intrinsic part of the human condition. As such, all of your life experiences are fodder for spiritual reflection.

Within Western culture, our innate spirituality is often the last place we look for solutions. Yet, engaging our inherent spirituality holds the greatest potential for true and lasting transformation. 

EverAfter invites you into the compassion and the courage that you need to more readily enter into a life of deeper intimacy with Self, others and All That Is. A New EverAfter provides the opportunity for you to allow your God-idea into your life. In other words, when you integrate your material story with a spiritual one, you change your life. 

A New EverAfter serves Spiritual Seekers who wish to more clearly recognize the Divine's voice in their life and to allow that voice to transform them. It provides a safe place to investigate some of life's bigger questions and concerns.

Seekers often enter onto the Path to Wholeness when they are in transition, crisis, or feel stuck. Other times, there is simply a desire to know oneself and one's God's more fully. Regardless of the reason, I help to cultivate a unique inner wisdom and integrate one's innate spirituality into all aspects of life in order to live according to a more fulfilling story.

I serve those who wish to meet life's challenges with a resilient spirit and an open heart. My work is comprised of the deep inner examination needed to truly create lasting change. Those I serve are no longer interested in superficial existential relief without an examined approach.

Instead, these Spiritual Seekers are ready to open up and embrace a deeper, richer, more challenging, and more fulfilling way of showing up in the world. Seekers are ready to awaken – to themselves, others, and All That Is.

If you are looking for an awe-inspiring journey toward lived wisdom in order to truly transform your life, A New EverAfter is right for you. 

I companion you on your journey, but the work is most certainly yours. Our goal together is to find the answers you seek within you. My work does not support the desires of quick-change idea chasers but instead encourages the gentle and loving unfolding of your own true self. 

A New EverAfter sees your life journey as a sacred story. I help you enrich, reframe, and celebrate that narrative.

No matter how you choose to explore your story, together we will examine a new type of EverAfter, one that exalts the process and not the destination.

Take your first step on the Path to Wholeness.

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