Welcome to a life of connection & fulfillment

Welcome to your new everafter

In challenging times it can be hard to believe that life might offer you fulfillment. The ever-increasing chaos of our modern world makes it difficult to catch your breath, find inspiration, and reconnect to the wisdom within.

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A New EverAfter meets you in your striving and helps you consciously create the next chapter of your life.

My name is Bethany Ward and I walk with you on a journey that helps you gain broader understanding, reclaim the discarded parts of yourself, and awakens you to your unique essence. A New EverAfter is the complete expression of this work.

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Within A New EverAfter, you are provided with the space you need to nurture yourself and compassionately tend to the unfolding of your own story. 

Through the transformative power of depth work blended with the wonder of spiritual discovery, I gently guide you toward lasting change and true fulfillment

Guiding You Along the Path to Wholeness

A New EverAfter integrates depth work and spiritual discovery for healing & expansion and helps you to find your place within the cosmic story


There are many reasons to seek your new everafter. You may desire to better understand life and your role in it; you could be on a search for purpose, meaning, and direction or a sudden recognition of loss and a lack of fulfillment could drive you. Oftentimes pain and emotional upheaval will bring one to a crossroads. While at other times, a transcendent experience must be unpacked and understood. As a Spiritual Director and Inspirational Medium, I support the inner work that leads you to greater meaning, self-awareness, and insight.

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I lovingly accompany you as you begin to uncover the heart and feelings of any issue with which you have been presented. My work is largely based on the theories of Carl Jung and emphasizes the use of the symbols and stories that aid in accessing the inner self and its innate wisdom. This approach provides you with a unique journey of discovery that draws forward your own wisdom, knowledge, and meaning

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Wherever you are on your journey, you are encouraged to engage with the art and practice of one-on-one Depth Coaching & Spiritual Direction, receive insight along The Path of Discovery, reconnect to your passed loved ones, shop for inspirational items, find your place within the cosmic story, and to directly experience the numerous benefits of inspired living.


Return Home to All of Who You Are

You were never meant to take this journey alone. A New EverAfter walks alongside you with each step of your story's unfolding. Trained counsel, heartfelt compassion, and gentle encouragement are available to you with every step you take on the Path to Wholeness. A New EverAfter walks you home to your own sense of peace, meaning and fulfillment and helps you find your rightful place within the cosmic story.

Restore Wonder

Be inspired through the wonder of spiritual discovery. Intuitive and Mediumistic readings expand your perspective and allow you to envelop these insights with your own spiritual exploration.

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Renew Spirit

Come into a fuller awareness of All That Is. Discover how to embrace life fully and to develop Divine Intimacy through an exploration of Jungian thought & the world's contemplative traditions.

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Reclaim Your Story

Gain the tools you need to live an inspired life while learning how to overcome the obstacles created by your past and build resilience for the journey. Study alone or with others along the Path of Discovery.

Walk the Path of Wisdom

A New EverAfter sees your life journey as a sacred story. I help you enrich, reframe, and celebrate that narrative.

No matter how you choose to explore your story, together we will examine a new type of EverAfter, one that exalts the process and not the destination.

Take your first step on the Path to Wholeness.

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